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In Your Endless Supply

I’m just a river
In the valley low
Hitting rocks
And rock bottoms
As I flow down stream
Tryng to get closer to you
But, you’re an ocean deep
And we’re worlds apart
Still that won’t deter me
From flowing to you
For in you
I find a safe place
I can call home
Will you welcome me in
With a kiss
On the forehead
And allow me to create
Waves mountain high
In your endless supply
Of what nourishes me

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Ready For Real Love

You came to me
In a dream last night
That took me by surprise
You walked up to me
Then sat next to me
And kissed me featherlight
This is a shock to me
You don’t speak to me
But in my dream
You had plenty to say
This is weird for me
Please don’t stalk my dreams
If in reality you’ve nothing to say