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I think I wrote you into being
Or maybe it’s all my imagination
That I find you in every inspiring word
And every heart felt line
I’ve written
Even all the ones I wrote before
I ever met you
If you don’t believe me
Take a walk through my writings
See how much of you you find
When you’re finish with your findings
Tell me of your discoveries
Do you now see clearer
How much of you is in me
We’ve always been connected
And connected always we will be

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I’ve Learned To Fly

I’m ready, I’m open
I know it’s time to fly
Though time has passed me by
While I mulled on all the ruins
I’ve yelled and I’ve screamed
But that didn’t lull the pain
So I let go, I gave up
I handed over
It all
I cease to fight
I’ve learned to trust the process
Not because I know for certain
It will be okay
I was left no choice
But to surrender it all
So I built me an alter, and I lay the ruins down
Then soon after, an Angel appeared
And under his wings, I’ve learned to fly

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The Awakening

I’m coming out, I’m going home
I’m heading to a higher plane
Love lost, love found
Love will take you higher
I fall asleep, I dream awake
I live in both these states
Crazy it sounds, confused I’m not
This is the awakening

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Not Finish Yet

There will be times you smile
When you just want to cry
But, it’s not your style
And only you know why
You take it on the chin
There’s no time to sigh
Your life has been an uphill climb
With vultures around you
Can’t wait for your demise
But, there’s good within you
So they can’t touch you
Let them flutter their feathers
You know what awaits you

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No Divinity In Separateness

Femininity on the rise
Masculinity feels threatened
I’m not surprise
Humanity has always been partial
If it’s not this cause, it’s that cause
What are we fighting for
From one extreme to the next
Where is the equanimity
Humans hate themselves
Thus no acceptance
No equilibrium
No serenity
No divinity
No love
Not even for the sake of
Our sanity
This is insanity
Humanity at war with itself
Forever burning internally in eternity
Until we realized there’s no divinity in separateness

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Waiting On That Miracle

Waiting on that miracle
You promised many moons ago
That made me took the plunge
Now I’m searching oracles
For answers I can’t seem to find
This feels like an eternal test
You said, it’s for the best
But, it’s not feeling good right now
Where is that miracle
I’ve already read all the oracles
Seen all the posted signs
Followed all the trails you left
Along the path that you design
But, still haven’t seen that miracle
Have you forgotten the promised made
For it’s nowhere in sight
And what a price, I’ve already paid

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Like A Butterfly

Love transforms like a butterfly
No need to cry
You’ll soon know why
So wipe away that tear your eye
For you’ll soon see
You’re not going to die
Though your world seem crazy
Upside down right now
Hanging by a thread, at the end of your rope
Love transforms like a butterfly
You may feel alone
But, you’re never alone
There are angels standing by
With wings so wide to take you high
And catch your fall if you should slither
So take that leap and dive in deeper
Into your essence, your soul, your being
And soon you too will be floating
Like a butterfly

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You’re A Gem

Those eyes that smile
That touch so kind
Leave a feeling so sublime
It breaks through the numbness
In the dead of night
When all seem forlorn
No joy to find
You were that gem
That twinkle
That light that shine
That guided me through
The dead of night

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I’m letting it go
I’m letting them go
In all forms and wrappings
And disguises they come
I know their essence
I know their pretense
I know the spirit
In which they come
So I’m releasing it
I’m releasing them
I’m removing the culprits
From my presence
That kept me bounded
In shackles; strangled

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A once vibrant and blooming flower
Must now shed her layers
As the structure that once contained her
Is no longer fit to serve her
She has outgrown this way of living
Her form is now changing
So gracefully she surrenders
To the process of aging
She has served her time, and served it well
She endured the elements of the changing weather
Though brief her time, it was well served
There’ll be new flower blooming
And soon she’ll be forgotten
But she doesn’t mind
Her time is up, and she could use some rest

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We are no different than the birds
Soaring, flying, reaching for the sky
Above the noise of the world beneath us
We’ve a bird’s eye view
What’s there to discuss
We are leaving behind all the fuss
Not a care in the world, we’re flying high
So high, we can almost touch the sky
I can’t lie, I thought I died
Didn’t know us humans could really fly

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Uranus – The Trouble Maker

You always catch me by surprize
Never failing to burst my bubble
Is this how you get cheap thrill

Like a lightning bolt you’re always charged
Loaded and ready to bring the shock
I can’t take much more before I crack

When will you learn I’m not a rock
And finally cut me some slack
Stop being such a pain and take a nap

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Ready For Real Love

You came to me
In a dream last night
That took me by surprise
You walked up to me
Then sat next to me
And kissed me featherlight
This is a shock to me
You don’t speak to me
But in my dream
You had plenty to say
This is weird for me
Please don’t stalk my dreams
If in reality you’ve nothing to say

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The Secret

All is well, I’m feeling swell
Though rain clouds dwelling
Above my head
Could surely bring hell
I hold the secret to survive this spell
So let the clouds swell and the sky spills out
But, I’ll never break this shell and tell
Until this life I bid farewell

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A Moment Of Grace

A glimpse of hope, a moment of grace
A splash of colors across the sky
And, in this moment, in this place
My feet stood still with my face to the sky

Lost in this moment, lost in this place
A hollow inside now filled with grace
As a calm wind brushed against my face
A once lost soul now found her place
In an array of colors across the sky

Others walk by, not knowing why
I stood still with my face to the sky
But, in this moment, in this place
I found magic, I found grace

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Random Rhyming

Keep On

My emotions
Hoping I’d sacrifice
My soul devotion
For foul words
But I keep on
You can keep on
Soon I’ll be walking



You had me
Mad skills
To confused me
You had me confused
Thinking I could be used
Shattered by abuse



Let you
Keep on thinking
Thinking I’m in a coma
Fallen victim
To your mind control
While I’m only resting
Playing dead
To survive the trauma



Focusing on
My inner blessings
Knowing I should keep on
Paying attention
To these lessons
So there’ll be
No second guessing
When it’s time for
My resurrection


New Conditioning

You had me
Naked and
So I would
Stay in this state – hurting
But I no longer
Been reprogrammed
New conditioning

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Buckle Up

Buckle up
It’s going down
I’m shutting out the noise
I got a date with my inner voice
It’s been calling me for quite some time
So I must attend to it on the double
Or there will be trouble
I’ve been shutting it down
And putting it off
So now I’m about to lose it