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I Survived It All

Out of my pain
Inspiration was formed
So I embrace my pain
Though often
Not with a smile
I still endured
Being ripped and torn
For through this process
My creativity was born
New identity formed
And I no longer mourn
For the parts dead and gone
But look back at a time forlorn
Not with shame nor scorn
But with pride and a smile
For I survived it all

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Scars Are Cool

Scars are cool
So they say
Until they feel the rips and tears
That punctures the heart
And pierce the soul
Leaving an eternal burn

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Old Wounds

Life is strange
It keeps rearranging
Yet I remain fix
In this strange place
Who is to blame
Should I be ashame
That I can’t change
So I remain the same
So attached to the pain
That I gave it a lovely name
But there’s no fame, no reward or gain
For staying stuck holding all this pain
It’s time to let it go or burn in flame
Wouldn’t it be such ashame to be buried with all this pain …