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Love Is A Beautiful Thing

Love is the flower that bloom in the Spring
Then wither away as Autumn draws near
So we never take its sweetness for granted
But, bask in its warmth and savor its beauty

Love is the bird flying high
Free from attachment, enjoying the flight
This is the way to truly love
Be in the moment, and out of sight

Love is the butterfly we admire so dear
We all know its story
And its journey to get here
Something so beautiful wasn’t born this way

Love is many things, but always a beautiful thing
Never to be abused or taken for granted
It comes in seasons, with highs and lows
So treasure these moments on your journey home

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A once vibrant and blooming flower
Must now shed her layers
As the structure that once contained her
Is no longer fit to serve her
She has outgrown this way of living
Her form is now changing
So gracefully she surrenders
To the process of aging
She has served her time, and served it well
She endured the elements of the changing weather
Though brief her time, it was well served
There’ll be new flower blooming
And soon she’ll be forgotten
But she doesn’t mind
Her time is up, and she could use some rest