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The Challenge

In the absence of noise
I hear silence speak
louder and clearer
Than ever before,
Do you remember me?
You’re still trapped
In the violence
Bothered by the tyrants
Thou you speak of such stillness
You’re not quite balance, that’s your challenge
Finding your balance

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He Called Me Bipolar

He called me bipolar, and that wasn’t very nice
He’s just a mean disgruntled man, with a heart of coal
Thinking attacking my emotions will give him control
But, I know his type, he feeds on sweet souls

He called me bipolar and it still weighs on my mind
That he gets such pleasure from being unkind
He so casually silence me, each and every time
Like my feelings doesn’t matter; holds no value like dirt

He called me bipolar and I’ll never forget
How easily he dismissed me, knowing my fragile state
I could show him bipolar, but that wouldn’t be kind
He’s already a very sad man, I’ll pray for his soul