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Did It Set You Free

You’ve been walking this path awhile
But the scenery barely changes
You’re hoping for new experiences
In different places with new faces
But it all feel so familiar
You can’t escape this feeling
You’ve been walking in circles
Back to the beginning
Experiencing the same bleeding
With different faces in new places
Yet the time never stop ticking
And the seasons keep on changing
You set out on this journey
In search of something magical
To stop the bleeding
Now you’re near the end
Was it worth your while
What treasures have you found
Did the heavens open wide
Did it set you free…

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I’ve Learned To Fly

I’m ready, I’m open
I know it’s time to fly
Though time has passed me by
While I mulled on all the ruins
I’ve yelled and I’ve screamed
But that didn’t lull the pain
So I let go, I gave up
I handed over
It all
I cease to fight
I’ve learned to trust the process
Not because I know for certain
It will be okay
I was left no choice
But to surrender it all
So I built me an alter, and I lay the ruins down
Then soon after, an Angel appeared
And under his wings, I’ve learned to fly

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Across The Sea

Though the tides were rough
And the journey long
Across the sea
I had to flee
For there must be
A better life
Than the one I left behind

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Swept Away

As the leaves fall from trees so tall
I feel so small
As I Lay down on the ground below
So far beneath the top of the trees
Nestled by all these silent beings so rooted in the ground
That only a rare act of nature could bring them down
A gentle breeze brushed against my skin
So cool and so calm
Easing my fears and caressing my cares
That for a moment
My mind was free of a thousand thoughts and a thousand fears
That must have been carried away by the breeze, like the leaves from trees
To be buried in the grass or swept away .

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We are no different than the birds
Soaring, flying, reaching for the sky
Above the noise of the world beneath us
We’ve a bird’s eye view
What’s there to discuss
We are leaving behind all the fuss
Not a care in the world, we’re flying high
So high, we can almost touch the sky
I can’t lie, I thought I died
Didn’t know us humans could really fly

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Take It To The Sky

In a world so imperfect
We are blessed with perfect skies
Laced with perfect sunrise
These eyes can’t deny
That just beyond the horizon
In the distant sky
True brilliance lies
So take your cares to the sky
Allow your mind to be unburdened
And your heart to heal, at the breaking of a new day

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Living For Today

Today I’m living
For today
Gonna step outside and
Play away
Forget the worries
That’s what I say
I’ll be chasing all cares away
They’re not welcome here – No way!
That’s all I have to say

I’m breaking free
Of my old ways
Don’t wanna be chained anymore
To mistakes of my yesterday
That I can’t change anyway
So today I’m living for today
Keeping worries all at bay
To resolve themselves another day

My thoughts will no longer
Wonder away
On events and things that I can’t change
When today is here waiting on me
To embrace this day and be wild and free