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I Survived It All

Out of my pain
Inspiration was formed
So I embrace my pain
Though often
Not with a smile
I still endured
Being ripped and torn
For through this process
My creativity was born
New identity formed
And I no longer mourn
For the parts dead and gone
But look back at a time forlorn
Not with shame nor scorn
But with pride and a smile
For I survived it all

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Did It Set You Free

You’ve been walking this path awhile
But the scenery barely changes
You’re hoping for new experiences
In different places with new faces
But it all feel so familiar
You can’t escape this feeling
You’ve been walking in circles
Back to the beginning
Experiencing the same bleeding
With different faces in new places
Yet the time never stop ticking
And the seasons keep on changing
You set out on this journey
In search of something magical
To stop the bleeding
Now you’re near the end
Was it worth your while
What treasures have you found
Did the heavens open wide
Did it set you free…

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The Human Experience

I am
Me out to you
Can’t you feel
My pain
Can’t you see
I’m hurting
Can’t you hear
Lonesome tear drops
How they fall
On deaf ears
No one care
To hear
Of horrors
No one wants
To share
Your sorrows
It’s your cross
Not theirs to bear
So don’t ask for favors
In the midst of your trials
Face the terrors
That lurk in the shadows
Then accept and forgive
These human errors
It’s all part of
The human experience

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He Doesn’t Know

He doesn’t know
I know he’s scared
He doesn’t know
There’s no need to fear
He doesn’t know
How much I care
He doesn’t know
No other compare
He doesn’t know much
But heartache and pain
His eyes are blurred
By grief and shame
So he can’t see me
Through the haze
To know my heart
Is kind and true