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The Rock

Have you ever cried to the Rock
From the shock
Of unspeakable loss
Numb from the pain
The soul had no choice but to frost
To survive the holocaust
Such innocence lost
What a sacrifice
But that was the cost
To feel your Presence close
For under Purple Skies
I found you in a Rock
And I became a River
Pouring out my soul to you
A meer rock to the eyes
But so much more to my soul
For when my world turned hues
Of indigo blues
No one but the Rock
Could I cling
While I search the sky
For answers hidden within
The hues of sky views

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Take It To The Sky

In a world so imperfect
We are blessed with perfect skies
Laced with perfect sunrise
These eyes can’t deny
That just beyond the horizon
In the distant sky
True brilliance lies
So take your cares to the sky
Allow your mind to be unburdened
And your heart to heal, at the breaking of a new day