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The Human Experience

I am
Me out to you
Can’t you feel
My pain
Can’t you see
I’m hurting
Can’t you hear
Lonesome tear drops
How they fall
On deaf ears
No one care
To hear
Of horrors
No one wants
To share
Your sorrows
It’s your cross
Not theirs to bear
So don’t ask for favors
In the midst of your trials
Face the terrors
That lurk in the shadows
Then accept and forgive
These human errors
It’s all part of
The human experience

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We are no different than the birds
Soaring, flying, reaching for the sky
Above the noise of the world beneath us
We’ve a bird’s eye view
What’s there to discuss
We are leaving behind all the fuss
Not a care in the world, we’re flying high
So high, we can almost touch the sky
I can’t lie, I thought I died
Didn’t know us humans could really fly