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Swept Away

As the leaves fall from trees so tall
I feel so small
As I Lay down on the ground below
So far beneath the top of the trees
Nestled by all these silent beings so rooted in the ground
That only a rare act of nature could bring them down
A gentle breeze brushed against my skin
So cool and so calm
Easing my fears and caressing my cares
That for a moment
My mind was free of a thousand thoughts and a thousand fears
That must have been carried away by the breeze, like the leaves from trees
To be buried in the grass or swept away .

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I’m letting it go
I’m letting them go
In all forms and wrappings
And disguises they come
I know their essence
I know their pretense
I know the spirit
In which they come
So I’m releasing it
I’m releasing them
I’m removing the culprits
From my presence
That kept me bounded
In shackles; strangled