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When You Carry The Light

As I travelled alone through the dense night
What started out with a panic
Slowly vanished
I thought I possessed magic
For nothing happened that was tragic
All that anxiety was all for nothing
If I knew from the start there was nothing to fear
When you carry the light
I would’ve made the best of the night
Instead of praying for daylight

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Rest In Peace Fear

She mulled over the possibilities
Of facing her greatest fear
That have long created monsters
Angels and demons that haunts her soul
These buried emotions
Will surely leave one undone
But, she’s not done digging
The damage already done
It’s time for some fun
With these ghost that haunts
Not time to run
It’s rivival time – party time
Let’s have some fun
With these demons in the Sun
The light will surely do some good
For in the light, they aren’t so frightening
In the light, they are neither big nor bad
All those years spent riddled with fear
Created illusions of monsters and ghosts
That kept her in bondage and shackles
But monsters in the dark disappear in the light
Rest in peace fear

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I was left naked
After baring my soul
But I no longer fear nudity
I accept myself

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Saturn – The Fear

The fear of rejection
Will keep you stuck
Stuck in your head
And out of your mind
Blind to the truth
You cannot see
This kind of love
Is a rare find
Time goes by
And you’re still stuck
In your head, waiting for the right time