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The Power Of Belief

In the jungle and in the seas
Great faith of tiny creatures
Brought giants to their knees
For might without faith
Crumbles at the slightest breeze
That’s the power of belief
So walk by faith, not by sight
This is the key to a life of grace and ease

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The Appointed Time

I don’t want anyone
But the promised one
If he doesn’t show up
Then no one will
I’ve already gone too far
For anyone to reach me
So I am waiting
On the promised one
I know, he’s the only one
Who will find me here
In the valley
On holy grounds
For he’s the anointed one
He’ll be here
At the appointed time
So I’ll keep waiting
On holy grounds
For the promised one
He’s the anointed one
Who will find me here
At the appointed time

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I’ve Learned To Fly

I’m ready, I’m open
I know it’s time to fly
Though time has passed me by
While I mulled on all the ruins
I’ve yelled and I’ve screamed
But that didn’t lull the pain
So I let go, I gave up
I handed over
It all
I cease to fight
I’ve learned to trust the process
Not because I know for certain
It will be okay
I was left no choice
But to surrender it all
So I built me an alter, and I lay the ruins down
Then soon after, an Angel appeared
And under his wings, I’ve learned to fly