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I Survived It All

Out of my pain
Inspiration was formed
So I embrace my pain
Though often
Not with a smile
I still endured
Being ripped and torn
For through this process
My creativity was born
New identity formed
And I no longer mourn
For the parts dead and gone
But look back at a time forlorn
Not with shame nor scorn
But with pride and a smile
For I survived it all

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To deny darkness
Is to deny light
From this obscurity
Life is formed
Darkness was never
Meant to be denied
But be explored
We’re both dark and light
Though some embrace
One more than the other
None will be denied

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To deny my feelings a space to be free
And come unhinged
Is pure insanity
So I reserve a space
For them to roam
To wander, and unravel
To run, and let loose
Across pages upon pages
Making up ground for time spent caged
Like leopards in the wilderness
Here they free to be
To growl, to purr
This is how it supposed to be
Not muzzled, tamed or confined