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Years Of Innocence

On years of innocence I reminisce
On how lost in my mind I was as a child
I played a lot, and had some fun
But my inner world was such a treat
I retreated there when I felt defeat
I was too thin-skinned to cope for long
So I created places kind and mild
To unwind, unravel and come undone
I imagined being an adult, such magical beings
They could come and go, and do as they please
Unburdened, unworried about being punished
Or the punching bag for grow-ups woes
They could curse and swear with not a care
While your poor soul trembled in fear
Such adults I strive not to be
They are scary and frightening
Unevolved beings
Who kept me lost in my inner world
To retreat and escape their screams
Now looking back, they weren’t years of innocence
Just a lost child with dreams of escape