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Destined To Be

Don’t be discouraged
Don’t be disheartened
Don’t be daunted by
The distance between us
It’s not by chance
We’ve come this far
Filling in the space
With our persistence
When fatigue sets in
Take a rest to relieve the stress
But don’t stop believing in magic
Don’t stop believing in dreams
Don’t stop believing
That you and me were destined to be


Meek purple flower Blessed by Sun and Rain shower Now has Star power

34 thoughts on “Destined To Be

      1. Because I was in a long-distance relationship once, and I was that guy. I eventually broke up because I decided that that we weren’t a good enough match, for me to be able to commit to it and didn’t want to hurt her even worse. It was so painful and traumatic to see how she felt about it, how she sensed me growing distant, i can’t imagine for her. But, before that, there were plans for me to move in the future, and that kept it going. Anyways, it can be a complicated situation, but I’m always a believer in finding solutions to things, if my heart is there. I guess i just want to empathise πŸ€—

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          1. Haha OK, it’s not an experience? πŸ˜… well that’s a relief then. Hope you found my story interesting anyways. A cautionary tale! I’m too literal to be able to write a poem like that lol.

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        1. That’s good things worked out for her. I believe that what’s meant to be will be… Things always work themselves out in the end. So it’s good to let things play out and run their natural course. Maybe there is someone out there better suited for you. Sometimes we hold on too tightly onto to someone or something when something better suited for us is in the waiting, and as soon as we let go we received the promise one πŸ™‚

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          1. Yeah, I have to agree. At all stages I felt I was doing the right thing, but had big regrets later on sometimes. Over time though i’ve seen more and more that it was the correct thing to do, and i wouldn’t have been happy. That was nearly 5 years ago though, so i don’t know about β€˜as soon as’ lol. But my life has been very unstable since then and i’ve moved around a lot. I’m getting closer to stability now! I need to meet someone who can see my value despite my terrible financial/career situation xD. Which is the only kind i want :P, but super hard to find! I’ll keep waiting. Thanks for your wise words!

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          2. True love is what we all desire… You will find someone that’s wonderful and created just for you. Someone who will love you unconditionally inspite of your circumstances. Money comes and go. Finances can be up and down. It doesn’t mean you’ll always be in a tough financial situation. A true partner will want to work with you and see how you can build something together with the little you have… Partnership should be about caring and sharing. We will miss out on someone special when we only focus on the physical stuff instead of a meaningful soul connection. That’s where true and real riches lies… In the heart πŸ™‚

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