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Did It Set You Free

You’ve been walking this path awhile
But the scenery barely changes
You’re hoping for new experiences
In different places with new faces
But it all feel so familiar
You can’t escape this feeling
You’ve been walking in circles
Back to the beginning
Experiencing the same bleeding
With different faces in new places
Yet the time never stop ticking
And the seasons keep on changing
You set out on this journey
In search of something magical
To stop the bleeding
Now you’re near the end
Was it worth your while
What treasures have you found
Did the heavens open wide
Did it set you free…


Meek purple flower Blessed by Sun and Rain shower Now has Star power

22 thoughts on “Did It Set You Free

  1. If we do not find the true reason of our life, it is difficult to change our attitude. Sometimes we need loneliness and look inward and discover what is happening in our being. Very good your poem. Reading is enjoyed.

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  2. A pleasure, PurpleStar (love the name, love the rose). Your poem totally resonated with me because after many years of searching and traveling, I meandered through to the other side. And hey, guess what, before my enlightenment, I chopped wood and carried water. After my enlightenment, I …. well, I am sure you know the rest of this! But with a lighter and deeper heart. Warmest winter wishes, Ember. πŸŒΈπŸ’–

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  3. Yes, I am free! This piece reminded me of an old quote, β€œIf you’re not the lead dog, the view (and odor) never changes.” It obviously references dogsled racing, but it made me reflect on the value of taking chances (not for change sake but growth). However, sometimes we chase the wrong things (money, cars, houses, titles, etc.). I’d argue that’s the same, maybe like a dog chasing his own tail, never realizing even if he catches it, he hurts only himself.

    I always enjoy our writing. No exception here. A good write.

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