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Love Is A Beautiful Thing

Love is the flower that bloom in the Spring
Then wither away as Autumn draws near
So we never take its sweetness for granted
But, bask in its warmth and savor its beauty

Love is the bird flying high
Free from attachment, enjoying the flight
This is the way to truly love
Be in the moment, and out of sight

Love is the butterfly we admire so dear
We all know its story
And its journey to get here
Something so beautiful wasn’t born this way

Love is many things, but always a beautiful thing
Never to be abused or taken for granted
It comes in seasons, with highs and lows
So treasure these moments on your journey home


Meek purple flower Blessed by Sun and Rain shower Now has Star power

38 thoughts on “Love Is A Beautiful Thing

    1. We can love ourselves πŸ™‚ Love start from within. Once you found that love within, you stop looking for it from others outside of yourself. The journey to love and self-acceptance can be a tedious and painful process but it’s worth the journey. Love starts and end with you. Others just reflect the love or lack of love we have for ourselves back to us. The men that hurt you are hurting too… So if they don’t have love within them, they can’t give you love. It’s a cycle. Alot of people are hurting so they hurt others too. Someone has to break the cycle. We can start by loving ourself πŸ’–

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      1. I love myself. But a monkey will die without nurturing. We’re animals too and we also need nurturing. And considering I’ve lived four lifetimes already, no it’s not worth it. People are selfish and they only care about what they want. Love isn’t it. Men want lust or a trophy wife and that is it.

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        1. I guess love is different things to different people. But, what I know is when we truly love ourself, we nurture ourself, and others. So we start attracting others that nurture and love us back, because we’re also giving them that nurturing from a place of love and not a place of lack or neediness.

          All men can’t be the same. Unless there is something within or a lesson you need to learn that’s attracting the same type of men towards you.

          At times like this is when we need to start doing some soul searching and self-reflection to find the root of the issue. Sometimes the issue lies with the person who has the issue and not the other . It’s a tough lesson.

          I hope you feel better soon. It’s growing pains. Heartaches and heartbreaks are apart of life, but it makes you a better person in the end. It may not feel good right now, but it won’t always be this way.

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          1. There are different types of love but I was specifically talking about the kind you exchange in a relationship with someone you want to be intimate with.


          2. I find this comment rude and a trigger. I don’t believe my relationship with God has anything to do with you. Being a Christian or not being a Christian has nothing to do with my understanding of something.


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