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Cheap Talk

They say words are just words and talk is so cheap
But your words are reckless
With intent to harm
So I can’t afford your cheap talks
Those cheap talks been costly
And eventhough it’s your words
And I shouldn’t take it personally
Well your words penetrate
Like a sword through the flesh
So when you’re left talking
And, no one cares to listen
It’s for you to feel
The weight of your words
When you’ve no one left listening
To bear the brunt of your words
I guess talks aren’t so cheap
And words aren’t just words
When you’re finally paying a price


Meek purple flower Blessed by Sun and Rain shower Now has Star power

16 thoughts on “Cheap Talk

  1. Yes, it’s all about intent. E.g. people have told me that I’m too sensitive before, because of things that people have said. But what people say tells you a lot about them.

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