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I’ve Learned To Fly

I’m ready, I’m open
I know it’s time to fly
Though time has passed me by
While I mulled on all the ruins
I’ve yelled and I’ve screamed
But that didn’t lull the pain
So I let go, I gave up
I handed over
It all
I cease to fight
I’ve learned to trust the process
Not because I know for certain
It will be okay
I was left no choice
But to surrender it all
So I built me an alter, and I lay the ruins down
Then soon after, an Angel appeared
And under his wings, I’ve learned to fly


Meek purple flower Blessed by Sun and Rain shower Now has Star power

13 thoughts on “I’ve Learned To Fly

    1. I don’t understand… explain

      I found this information on what your shared concerning Jonathan Livingston Seagull , “Jonathan Livingston Seagull is a simple story with a profound message. The message is that we can all be so much more than we believe, or are given to believe. That God – or fortune, if you wish – is on the side of the bold, the adventurous and the free in spirit.”

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      1. Jonathan Livingston Seagull … -book and movie…

        A skilled flyer but very rebellious young seagull is kicked out of his clan. However, instead of being sad or lonely, he decides to enjoy and explore his newfound freedom.

        He learns to fly free!

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