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In Her Own Way

Someone told me he witnessed
A pastor removing demons
From a girl who lost her dad
And was demon-possessed
He said, if he hadn’t seen it
He wouldn’t believe it
That demons existed
So I asked, have you ever seen
A magician performed
Because pastors can be Magicians
And Wizards too
He said, you exibit the signs
You might also be possessed
You should avoid graveyards
Or the demons will attack
Avoid people grieving
For they possess demons
Stay away from those suffering
Or you’ll be their victim
So I asked, where is the compassion
In this your religious stance…
Haven’t you ever been hurt
Or suffered a loss
Did anyone said
You were demon-possessed
Or needed to be cleansed
After you suffered deeply
From this traumatic loss
Were you ever the same
After experiencing this loss
For people do change
After a traumatic loss
She was never demon-possessed
Just coming to terms with his death
Grieving her loss in her own way


Meek purple flower Blessed by Sun and Rain shower Now has Star power

22 thoughts on “In Her Own Way

  1. I like your poem, “In Her Own Way”. It expresses multiple types of hurt, but also the hope of overcoming. It expresses opposing viewpoints almost at the extremes. I look forward to reading more. Thank You for sharing!

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  2. People come up with the strangest doctrines. I agree with you entirely. People who have suffered tragedy (um, like, all of us) are not possessed by evil, but rather are searching for learning, growth, and healing, for goodness and light.

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