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He Called Me Bipolar

He called me bipolar, and that wasn’t very nice
He’s just a mean disgruntled man, with a heart of coal
Thinking attacking my emotions will give him control
But, I know his type, he feeds on sweet souls

He called me bipolar and it still weighs on my mind
That he gets such pleasure from being unkind
He so casually silence me, each and every time
Like my feelings doesn’t matter; holds no value like dirt

He called me bipolar and I’ll never forget
How easily he dismissed me, knowing my fragile state
I could show him bipolar, but that wouldn’t be kind
He’s already a very sad man, I’ll pray for his soul


Meek purple flower Blessed by Sun and Rain shower Now has Star power

24 thoughts on “He Called Me Bipolar

  1. I think it is cruel for anyone to label another. We are so much more than what others can see. I am sorry you were hurt by this person and I hope that by writing about it others will think twice before doing this same thing to another. Thanks for sharing your tender feelings.

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  2. I know a bunch of people that get pleasure by hurting you, IΒ΄m aware of that so it comes from one ear what they say and passes through my two neurons I have for the brain and goes out the other ear without registering in my head, I actually like to play with them, playing the dummy role, just play with them, to a certain point that is, then I get bored cut them off and just keep on living without those negative people around. Easy.

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  3. That is beautiful, thank you. What people call you matters less than how and why they do it. In the beginning, the word was with love and the word was love ❀️

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  4. I totally feel with you; it’s hyper rude when someone ghosts you, then he/she just puts a label on you… it’s more than rude. Me, having bpd, I’m senseless all the time, but not because I actually have no feelings, rather I have more than others. I’d never just hurt like that anyone because I know what is pain. I witnessed a couple of insults on myself and I took most of them as a joke since they were said by people who don’t even know a slice about me. “Get in the group of my haters, I am on the lead.” However, some cold insults were real harsh in my life indeed that aimed my mental disease like “You’re a monster, having no sense at all”, “you’re just killing time with me”, “you need to like yourself first, don’t try to get love from me only”… Well, such words from people whom you just let close to the real you are… burying. But no matter what, we are who we are, it quite matches destiny somehow, and surely it will be better and all these bruises make you just stronger. πŸ™„πŸ˜ŒπŸ€—

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    1. ” Well, such words from people whom you just let close to the real you are… burying.” You’re very right about this… It’s very painful.

      “and all these bruises make you just stronger” It does, though it may not feel like that in the moment, but once you’ve healed from it, it surely does make you alot stronger πŸ™‚
      Thanks for stopping by and sharing Benya πŸ‘πŸ’œ

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