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Flower Power

I could write all day about the power of a flower
These alluring creatures breathe life into my being
But such graceful creatures with such delicate features
Are only meant to be enjoyed for a season
So for this reason, I’ll sit still with these creatures
Take some pictures of their features
Breathe in their nature and treasure this moment
For my time is limited with such exquisite creatures

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Jupiter – The Bountiful

Jupiter the bountiful
In blessings and lessons
Will hand you fortunes
But, not without lessons
So don’t be misguided
By all the blessings
Because Jupiter go big
With both blessings and lessons
And, if you’re not careful
This bliss could be fleeting
Turning your blessings
In nothing, but tough lessons

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Living For Today

Today I’m living
For today
Gonna step outside and
Play away
Forget the worries
That’s what I say
I’ll be chasing all cares away
They’re not welcome here – No way!
That’s all I have to say

I’m breaking free
Of my old ways
Don’t wanna be chained anymore
To mistakes of my yesterday
That I can’t change anyway
So today I’m living for today
Keeping worries all at bay
To resolve themselves another day

My thoughts will no longer
Wonder away
On events and things that I can’t change
When today is here waiting on me
To embrace this day and be wild and free