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The River

Still waters run deep
Flowing river never sleeps
But babbles and ripples
As it trickles down stream
Granting peace
To those who can’t sleep
Nature’s remedy
The river is therapy
Belting out cosmic melodies
From down deep
Here you’ll find peace
Where nature’s heart beats

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The Rock

Have you ever cried to the Rock
From the shock
Of unspeakable loss
Numb from the pain
The soul had no choice but to frost
To survive the holocaust
Such innocence lost
What a sacrifice
But that was the cost
To feel your Presence close
For under Purple Skies
I found you in a Rock
And I became a River
Pouring out my soul to you
A meer rock to the eyes
But so much more to my soul
For when my world turned hues
Of indigo blues
No one but the Rock
Could I cling
While I search the sky
For answers hidden in the hues
Of sky views

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The Power Of Belief

In the jungle and in the seas
Great faith of tiny creatures
Brought giants to their knees
For might without faith
Crumbles at the slightest breeze
That’s the power of belief
So walk by faith, not by sight
This is the key to a life of grace and ease

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Heaven Awaits

What fortune awaits us
Beyond this place
We’ve long reside
And even called home
Though petrified
To step through those gates
Heaven been knocking at our door
To free us from this broken place
We’ve long been confined
Cramped in
And wasting away
Too ashamed to admit
But God’s grace will wipe our face
For what await is greater
Than our fears
So lets not hesitate
To take our place, and stand with the greats

Happy New YearπŸŽ†πŸŽ†πŸŽ†

May this New Year be the best year of your life thus farπŸŽ†πŸŽŠπŸŽ†

Sending blessings of love, wealth and prosperityπŸ’–βœ¨πŸ’–

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I Survived It All

Out of my pain
Inspiration was formed
So I embrace my pain
Though often
Not with a smile
I still endured
Being ripped and torn
For through this process
My creativity was born
New identity formed
And I no longer mourn
For the parts dead and gone
But look back at a time forlorn
Not with shame nor scorn
But with pride and a smile
For I survived it all

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Destined To Be

Don’t be discouraged
Don’t be disheartened
Don’t be daunted by
The distance between us
It’s not by chance
We’ve come this far
Filling in the space
With our persistence
When fatigue sets in
Take a rest to relieve the stress
But don’t stop believing in magic
Don’t stop believing in dreams
Don’t stop believing
That you and me were destined to be

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Did It Set You Free

You’ve been walking this path awhile
But the scenery barely changes
You’re hoping for new experiences
In different places with new faces
But it all feel so familiar
You can’t escape this feeling
You’ve been walking in circles
Back to the beginning
Experiencing the same bleeding
With different faces in new places
Yet the time never stop ticking
And the seasons keep on changing
You set out on this journey
In search of something magical
To stop the bleeding
Now you’re near the end
Was it worth your while
What treasures have you found
Did the heavens open wide
Did it set you free…